HDMI Over CAT5 Extender/ Receiver - 100M

HE-100 series is a HDMI over CAT5 KVM Extender set which comprises two basic disparate units -the HE-100T and the HE-100R. The HE-100T is the transmitter unit; while the HE100R is the receiver unit. They works in pair to extend your HDMI video and audio signal up to 100M via one single CAT5e/ CAT6 cable, or they can also connect via a third unit, Splitter (HE-100S), in between. The splitter supports one CAT5-In and two CAT5-Out ports, providing ultra-flexible scalability in HDMI displays: through tree-chain of multiple splitters using a single CAT5e/ CAT6 cable for each connection, this system can support up to 96 HDMI monitor displays. And each single CAT5e/ CAT6 cable connection in tree-chain can extend HDMI signal another 100M. The HE-100 series supports digital resolution up to 1920 x 1080p, which provides users with high quality HD multimedia display without video/audio degradation in long distance transmission.

HE-100R, the receiver, receives multimedia signal from transmitter via a CAT5e/ CAT6 cable and output to HDMI monitor for HD display with the default EDID mode. It also equips an EDID Read button, allowing user to apply EDID of monitor on the receiver side. It is compact in size for room-saving, and provides best shielding and protection with aluminum alloy casing.

l HDMI over CAT5 Extender set (a Transmitter, a Receiver, and a Splitter) supporting extension distance up to
    100M over a single CAT5e/ CAT6 cable segment
l Use a single CAT5e/ CAT6 cable for direct connection between the Transmitter and Receiver units, or can connect
    via a Splitter in between
l Support audio via HDMI interface
l Digital resolution support up to 1920 x 1080P @60fps
l Automatic display mode detection
l Support both Interlaced and Progressive Display Mode
l Support DDC, Hot-Plug Detection (HPD) functions
l Support default EDID and selected EDID Mode (by pressing EDID Read Button to get DDC from monitor on Receiver side)
l Optional IR remote control accessories available
Model No. HE-100R
Product Description HDMI Over CAT5 Extender/ Receiver - 100M
Console Video Connector HDMI Female
IR support Yes  
RX Connectors RJ45 Female  
Digital Display Resolution 1920 x 1080  
Operation Temperature 0 ~ 40°C  
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60°C  
Humidity 0~90% RH, Non-Condensing  
Power Adapter DC 5V 2A  
Weight 180g 
Size 115 x 65 x 25.5 mm 
Housing Aluminum Alloy  
Dimension(L×W×H) 127.5 x 66 x 26 mm 
Safety / Emission FCC, CE  

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